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November 11 - This is November the 2nd. Six thirty this mornin', my outdoor thermometer was show
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... This is November the 2nd. ... Six thirty this mornin', my outdoor thermometer was showin' ... 22 degrees. ... There was frost all over our ... neighbors' houses and yards. ... What's all this about global warmin'?

... I'd like to thank the person or party that found my purse at Popeye's on Monday. ... I certainly do thank you for turning it in and not bothering the stuff on the inside. Thank you and God bless you.

Since Obama's so interested in roads and bridges, I wish he would come here and pave ... West Parrish and Savannah Avenue.

... If you ever lose anything ... put it in the Soundoff. It works! Thanks for ... whoever took ... the jacket in radiology at the hospital. Thank you for returning it.

Congratulations to The Swarm, the band at Southeast Bulloch, for their ... great season. ... Thank you ... to Statesboro Herald for the great story in Thursday's paper.

... This is for the person who keep callin' in ... claimin' that the only reason white people voted voted for Obama was to prove they're not racist. ... But, that's the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. ... And, on top of that, it's an insult to every civic-minded white person in the country. ... Thank you very much. And you have a nice day.

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