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November 11 - "So, Obama wins again. ... That's great! ... I know that makes ... all the lazy ... pe
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So, Obama wins again. ... That's great! ... I know that makes ... all the lazy ... people happy, but they don't ... have to work. They can continue to get their freebies ... and it allows them to stand on the street corners. ... I'm not including the disabled or the elderly, who have a legitimate reason not to work. I'm just referring to the young, strong people who are too darn lazy to work. Thank you.

God has spoken, so let the church say amen!

Well, if you wanna take a temperature of where ... America is at, here's the temperature gauge. ... America ... is gotten so liberal to where they can call themselves Christians ... and say they are Christians, but, yet ... vote ... turn their head on homosexuality ... and abortion and go to church the next day like nuthin's ever happened. I'm sorry, it doesn't work. ... It doesn't work. Homosexuality ... and abortion is a sin. Nowhere in the Scripture can you show ... otherwise. So, to vote for someone that takes ... endorses that ... you're just as much a part of that.

Well, President Obama got re-elected. ... Look at the mess he left himself. ... He gon' have to do some hard work now.

Well, how do you endorse ... abortion ... same-sex marriages ... and things of that manner and get up on Sunday and raise your hands and ... say you love God? ... Conterdictory. ... Not in ... same breath. You can't do that. ... It's a sad day for America.

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