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November 10 - "... I am a Christian. And when people says God bless America ... they're leaving out
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... I am a Christian. And when people says God bless America ... they're leaving out the most important part of it. ... God can't bless our ... sinful nation the way it is. We need to be a re ... repentant nation. We need to turn from our sins ... and turn back to God ... before He will ever bless us again. Have a good day.

OK, folks, if you think the economy is bad now and unemployment is bad ... wait 'til his arrogance shines through again. ... And it's gonna be one bad ride for four more years. Thank you so much.

... This is to the negative ... person that would put an ad in the paper ... every day about President Obama. ... I wish he can now find in his heart to realize ... that if God is for you ... who can be against you?

I've got a message for all my tea party ... brothers and sisters. ... If you can't stand Obama ... there's plenty of open space in Iran and Iraq and Afghanistan, places like that. .... You welcome to leave. The light is always on in the hall. Thank you very much and have a nice day.

Well, America as we know it ... is gone. ... For all of you ... who voted for ... Obama ... you have ... ruined our country. ... I hope you live ... to see it. ... And for all you college students ... you will not find a job when you graduate. ... You will find out what you have done by voting for him. ... You're not as smart as you think you are.

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