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November 1 - First, I want to thank the Kiwanis for the fantastic parade they had on Monday. It wa
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First, I want to thank the Kiwanis for the fantastic parade they had on Monday. ... It was the largest one they have ever had. Second, I wanna thank Mr. Chuck Sheets for being the chairman of this great event. He stood at the corner of Main and Olliff street and personally thanked every unit that came by for participating in the parade. This is his third parade and each one is bigger and better. Our hats are off to you, Mr. Sheets.

... You know, Soundoff used to be a place where you could ... do somethin' other than just be rude and crude. However ... I notice folks seem to be really upset about some of the traffic ... around our area. And I was wondering if these same people maybe aware that we actually have a ... mill ... a ... timber mill, a lumber mill ... in the city limits of this area. So ... I don't know how they think that product can come and go ... unless it's a ... you know, gets on the roads that are provided. ... But we do have a ... a lumber mill here in our town. Get to know the city of Statesboro before you ... start bashin' everything. ... There's a ... a reputable company here. Have a good day!

Yes, I agree with the person who wrote in wondering why Statesboro wasted all that money on the bypass ... when you have log trucks and cotton trucks that go right through the middle of town on 301. ... Does not use the bypass. ... It should be illegal for a truck to be downtown unless he has a delivery. ... Truckers, use the bypass.

TEA Party leadership sent a message to its members urging business people not to hire a single person to protest against President Obama. These people are totally ... insane!

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