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May 19 - "My friend ... who has a prosthesis on his left leg ... at the post office ... four or fiv
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My friend ... who has a prosthesis on his left leg ... at the post office ... four or five came to his aid. One lady I remember the most did everything she could to get him upright ... and back on his feet. A special th ... thanks to all.

What is happening in all our state universities ... is a very important part of our national economic problem. ... The wealthy administrators get wealthier ... and the heart of the university, namely the faculty, receive less and less. Please, administrators ... be givers, not takers.

It ain't nuthin' like walkin' in the park on Sunday afternoon ... and seein' a woman in front of you ... pull out a big ... a napkin, paper towel ... and scoop a big dog turd. That's just the most disgusting damn thing I've ever seen in my life.

In response to the article in the Sunday, sixth of May ... paper ... really Bulloch County does have a pretty nice full-service ... car wash now that is ... maintained. What we need is a self-service car wash. ... Look at the ones in town. ... They're really not in good condition at all. ... And they're definitely not taken care of. If someone were ... were to open a self-service car wash ... and maintain it ... that's ... where the key is. ... That's the answer! Self-service! Maintained! Updated! Taken care of! ... That's all that ... odds are totally ... they look terrible and they're not taken care of.

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