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May 18 - On the front page of Friday's paper is an article called, 'Truancy lands parents in jail'
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On the front page of Friday's paper is ... an article called, 'Truancy lands parents in jail' ... and it's got five ... pictures of ... mothers ... and I was just wondering ... why the fathers' pictures ... aren't.

Reverend Bressler, in his Friday, the ... May 13th, column ... states that he and his wife ... Julie have just corrected their ... will ... in preparation for the great eventful day coming May 21st. ... Question: if he and his friends are raptured ... on that day, who will probate his will?

Holli should have criminal charges ... for the criminal activity of criminal trespass. ... And that's what happens when you ... trespass on other's property. It is a criminal charge.

I wanted to call and say a special thank you to the man that works at Advanced Auto Parts ... for insisting on putting my windshield wipers on for me when they broke ... in the middle of the storm on Friday night. ... Chivalry is not dead.

... This is for the person who called in ... sayin' that ... all the President ... Obama did ... was sit ... sit there and look stupid. ... If you wanna see stupid, all they got to do is take a look at some of the ... video of President Bush ... on 9/11 sittin' in that Florida classroom ... holdin' a book titled ... 'My Pet Goat', upside down ... lookin' like he was scared out of the pants. ... And then on top of that, he left and went and hid in a ... bunker for three days until the smoke cleared while the pres ... while the vice president ... ran the country. ... You have a nice day.

Thank you, Governor Deal, for signin' the new immigration bill. ... Let's get folks off front porches and get them to work and reduce our unemployment ... costs.

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