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May 13 - Can somebody at the paper please give an explanation of why WNNS has removed Neil Bortz i
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Can somebody at the paper please give an explanation of why WNNS has removed Neil Bortz in the morning and put on this juvenile Glenn Beck? ... I'm conservative. I like ... Beck's ideas, but ... his ... his radio show is like a ... a DJ for ... kids and ... either Neil Bortz or ... Bill Bennett. Keep him on longer in the mornings would be wonderful, but ... get rid of this Beck. I hafta turn that radio station off. Goodbye.

I think the dress code proposed by Southeast Bulloch is a great idea. ... My granddaughter certainly doesn't want to see the butts of those boys. ... The boys think they're makin' a ... fashion statement. But the statement they're actually makin' ... is this: 'Hey, look at me. ... I'm an idiot.'

I would very much like to thank everyone ... that came to my aid when I fell ... near the post office on Tuesday afternoon. ... It proved that ... there's a lotta wonderful people and caring people in Statesboro. God bless each and everyone of you. Bye.

I wish someone would ... tell me why gas in central gas is 10 cents cheaper ... in central Georgia. ... Thank you.

This is about the bus driver that drives her bus up and down Ellis Road never having children on the bus. Somebody needs to check on this. Gas is very expensive and I believe she uses her bus for private use. Even on Satrurdays, Sundays, holidays, she is up and down this road. We have even seen this bus at Walmart several times on weekends. It is 10:30 in the a.m. today and she just drove by my house with no kids on the bus. ... Then about ... a little while later ... here she comes back by, still no kids. ... Sorry, but I just don't believe all this ... back and forth has anything to do with picking up or dropping off children. Thank you.

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