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March 27 - I was just reading Soundoff no, excuse me, I was just reading the newspaper today a
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I was just reading Soundoff ... no, excuse me, I was just reading ... the newspaper today ... and somebody needs to get their facts straight in the sports section where your paper says Southeast Bulloch ... baseball team got back on track defeating Statesboro 9 to 5 Monday night in Brooklet. Actually, Statesboro beat Brooklet 9 to 6 Monday night. You guys really need to get your facts straight before you print things.

In 1977, the Carter administration started the department of energy. That's our federal government. ... Cost $24 billion a year to run it, 16,000 federal employees. ... It was started to ... lessen our dependence on foreign oil. ... It was 30 percent back then. ... Thirty-three, 34 years now ... it's 70 percent ... dependent on foreign oil. ... Our government's doing a great job, and now we've given 'em health care. ... Auto industry? I don't think so.

To the punks who spray-painted and vandalized the cars at Copper Beach and several other apartment complexes a week ago: the white Mustang you tagged with black spray paint belonged to a single young woman ... who had worked and scrimped and saved for five years to buy her dream car. ... You may never know that she cried and was devastated by your callous violation of her car. ... But what goes around, comes around. And hopefully, for you, it'll come around in spades.

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