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March 23 - If you have not been to see the exhibit, the Greg Mort exhibit, at the Averitt Center, it
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If you have not been to see the exhibit, the Greg Mort exhibit, at the Averitt Center, it is outstanding and a must-see. Thank you very much.

This is to the person who ... asked about Black History Month, when is White History Month. And it is all year 'round.

This is a notice to the voters of Rocky Ford. You may want to attend court sessions ... to see how your kangaroo court really works. I was there today, which is Thursday ... and two of your finest ... took an old man to the floor. Oh, how professional that was. Holli, maybe you should investigate them.

To the caller's misinterpretations of Bible verses: you need help. Guaranteed the answers will come if you can get on your knees and ask.

The writing errors in the Statesboro Herald bother me. ... But the math error on Friday's front page really bug me. ... Effingham's population change ... was 3.5 percent rather than 39.2 percent ... according to the population the years listed.

If you coach a sport other than football, baseball or basketball ... you need to write the articles about your athletes and email them to the sports editor. It's sad, but that is what I had to do for nine years ... as a coach of a so-called minor sport. ... The Herald usually printed every word of what I sent them. All sports are equally important to the athletes who are participating in them.

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