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June 15 - It is very hard to believe that the recent tax re reappraisals for Bulloch County home
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It is very hard to believe that the recent tax re ... reappraisals ... for Bulloch County homeowners are correct ... given not only what has happened to homes nationwide, but also with all the foreclosures mentioned in many issues of the Statesboro Herald. ... It does, however, remind me of the attempt to get an early extension of the SPLOST tax here ... by havin' an inconvenient date for voting. ... Something doesn't seem right here.

This is for the people of the city of Statesboro and Bulloch County. The time is drawin' near ... for all the people of Statesboro and Bulloch County to really know the truth ... why Judy McCorkle, Stan York and Maz - M-a-z - was dismissed from the city of Statesboro. ... And you also need to know why the truth was never printed. ... But you will know between now and November. The truth will come out ... why these three people were fired. You not gon' believe the reason why they was fired. But you will know. It's comin.

According to Fox News ... we have two months left before we reach our debt limits. ... What about gettin' ... rid of some of the illegal ... people in our country ... that not supposed to be here? I ... illegal means ... not legal. ... And I think a big drain on our finances ... will be ... helped or cured. Thank you.



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