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June 10 - As sad as it is to see two local restaurants close one of those restaurants had terrible
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As sad as it is to see two local restaurants close ... one of those restaurants had terrible, terrible food. ... The other one ... had terrible, terrible service. ... The name of the restaurant game is customer service. If you don't provide it, you close.

Well, we have another Washington elite tryin' to represent us, tellin' lies, cheatin' on his wife. ... The hot dog man finally admitted he did wrong. ... You ever seen to be for so many immoral people in Washington tryin' to represent us? ... I think it's time we impeached the whole bunch, startin' at the top and workin' right on down to the bottom.

Could someone please explain to me ... why the bacterial disease columnaris ... only kills fish belo ... downstream of King America's discharge point and not above? ... I'm really interested. Thank you.

  ... I have always supported SPLOST in the past, but after I opened my mail yesterday and saw a new assessment for my property ... I will not support it in the future. You have definitely lost my vote ... and I believe that all of the ... citizens of Bulloch County need to come together and vote this down this go around. Thank you.

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