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July 22 - "I would like to know how we can still have a city counc ... a Portal City councilperson.
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I would like to know how we can still have a city counc ... a Portal City councilperson ... on city council that was in the paper for a prostitution ring.

Yeah, and while we're at it, why don't we get the animals from the zoo ... to call Soundoff and opine? ... We probably ... would never even know when it happened.

Politics makes for strange situations. ... The health care plan Mitt Romney passed in Massachusetts was designed by the same economists who designed Obama's. ... They're the same thing. The Massachusetts plan has been very successful. Those people now have health insurance and premiums have gone down. More businesses offer health insurance to their employees. ... Without politics involved, Mitt Romney would surely say it was his finest achievement as governor. ... But what would that do for him politically in the presidential race?

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