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July 10 - "Talking about the Ogeechee River. ... How come no fish have died from the King's Finishin
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Talking about the Ogeechee River. ... How come no fish have died from the King's Finishing pipe up river to Rocky Ford ... Scarboro, Millen, Herndon and right on up to Louisville and above? ... The river above King's gets just as low and is under the ... same amount of so-called environmental stress ... as everything else, yet no fish have died up there. ... Hey, look at the Canoochee. ... It gets lower and is smaller than the Ogeechee and no fish have died. ... Hey, King Finishin' can ... fool some people but not the ones who grew up fishin' and hunting the swamps of the Ogeechee River. ... Thanks.

I'm reading the article in the paper entitled ... 'Attack of the apartments' ... yet, I'm strugglin' ... find out ... what's under attack ... who's under attack. ... Seems to me that these apartment complexes - these multi-million-dollar apartment complexes - are good for the local economy. ... Good for our local tax base when it'll keep taxes down ... for our ... local businesses and ... property owners. ... Tens of thousands of dollars in tax revenue a year seems like a good thing to me. ... Au revoir.

... I feel sorry for these people that keep campaignin' for President Obama. ... 'Cause the only time you can tell he's lyin' is when he opens his mouth. ... NBC ... don't show all what Romney says. They just pick and choose. They're another Democratic ... station. Thank you and have a good day!

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