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January 8 - On Christmas Day, gas in Augusta was $2.97 a gallon. ... Pretty nice.
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On Christmas Day, gas in Augusta was $2.97 a gallon. ... Pretty nice.

To you knee-jerk, anti-gun nuts. ... Take guns away from crazies ... and they will just use pipe bombs, cars, trucks, knives, machetes or other implements of destructions.

Americans are just like Christians. ... There are so few that have any sense.

I would like to ... comp ... compliment ... Alvin Richardson ... for his outdoor articles. They are super. Have a good day.

In Gene Lyons' article entitled, 'Emotions with a nose' ... he seems to have found his niche. ... He should stick to sumthin' that he seems to know about. ... Also, I read no ... hatred, malice ... intolerance or vitriol aimed at people with whom he disagrees. Good job, Mr. Lyons. God bless and have a good day.

... I don't understand this young generation, these 22-, 23-, 24-year-old guys - men - who still live with their parents or their grandparents, who refuse to work, will not work. ... I mean, get off your butt, get a job, stop bein' so lazy! I don't understand this. Everywhere I go ... I see all these young guys that's laid up sleepin'. They won't work. But the main thing is these young ladies need to wake up and realize ... if they're sorry at age 21, 22, 23, 24 ... how sorry will they be at age 42? ... Think about it, girls. ... Looks is not everything.

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