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January 6 - Why is it that that restaurants' employees cannot go a whole shift without smokin'?
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Why is it that ... that restaurants' employees cannot go ... a whole shift without smokin'? Hospitals have stopped their people from smokin' durin' workin' hours. ... Why can't restaurant employees do the same thing? ... Do not smoke from time you get in the car to come to work and no time durin' workin' hours. ... If hospital people can work a 12 hours, you should be able to do without a cigarette, too. Thank you.

Look, people of America have every right to complain about gas prices. How could we have known? Oh, wait, that's right. ... There was that teeny tiny thing about being warned constantly over the last 40 years but still creating more urban spoil ... failing to build public transport, buying gas-guzzlers æ and voting for oil company shields. So, here's an idea ... shut the heck up about gas prices!

When is law enforcement gonna do ... somethin' about the illegal activity on Denmark Street? ... Or do they have a reason ... not to do anything?

As taxpayers, we should not ... have to allow Southbridge Community Church to use Sallie Z, which is a public school, for their church services. ... It is misuse of our local taxes. Wake up, school board!

The ad in the paper about a church meeting in a public school building is very troubling. ... I am all in favor of religious groups ... but this is illegal ... and a total violation of the principle of the separation of church and state. The school board needs to correct this wrong.

I'm a brick mason with over 20 years of experience and have looked everywhere for a job. ... If there is anyone in the Statesboro area that is hirin', please let me know.

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