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January 31 - The new ... four-story ... student housing complex ... on 67 is a nightmare. ... It is
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The new ... four-story ... student housing complex ... on 67 is a nightmare. ... It is so dense. ... How could our public officials have approved ... so many apartments ... on such a small piece of property? ... The traffic problem is going to be ... quite bad.

President Obama is totally destroying the middle class. ... He is leading us on to pure Socialism. ... More government ... less jobs ... more spending. ... I pity my poor children and grandchildren.

Not only do those parents at William James cut across the grass and everywhere else. ... And then they park in the circle and think they can cut in front of people that have been sitting in line ... for all that time and they think they have the right to cut in ... and get out. Get there early or get in line like everybody else. ... You wonder what's wrong with the students?

This is directed to one of our local dress shops ... who ... rudely told my daughter in front of her friends that maybe if she lost a few pounds, they could get her into her ... perfect prom dress. ... Just wanna let you know that I spent $500 ... on a beautiful dress in Savannah. ... To help save a little bit of her self-esteem and ... to show local businesses that I try to shop at that we don't put up with snobbery and dismissiveness. ... Thank you.

...Fifty-four point 5 million abortions since Roe versus Wade in 1973. ... And you people go to church on Sunday and pretend to worship ... and you politicians get out there and run for office and say ... with ... some kinda gall ... 'God bless America'. Shame on you!

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