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January 31 - Okay Statesboro police my daughter got speedin' ticket on 301 bypass. Rightly so.
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Okay ... Statesboro police ... my daughter got speedin' ticket on 301 bypass. Rightly so. ... Thank you for givin' her that ticket. ... She shouldn't be goin' 15 ... miles over the speed limit. ... However, that was at night time comin' back ... from Books-A-Million. ... Question: where are you at durin' the day? ... I travel this road - 301 bypass ... every single day at least four or five times. Cars fly by me doin' 60, 70, 80 miles an hour. Where are you at? ... Only at night? ... Think you need to come out durin' the day, too.

I am not a genius. ... It's just that ignorant people make me look that way. ... Separation of church and state means the government shall not establish ... any religion as being a national religion.

Concerning the absurd nonsense recently spouted in Soundoff about the pipeline. All the oil in the Tarzan's pipeline would have been loaded onto tankers, bound primarily for Asia. None to U.S. refineries. Thus, it would have zero effect on U.S. oil supplies and prices. The pipeline, an ecological disaster waitin' to happen, would have created only 6,800 jobs, not the 200,000 pushed by the liars on the Fox propaganda channel. This can all be fact-checked. Look it up yourself.

See where the Navy SEALS have performed their ... job very well in ... rescuin' the two hostages and ... killin' nine Somali pirates. ... Too bad they couldn't have killed 900 of those heathens.

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