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January 3 - "I got a message for all my redneck friends ... Don't worry about the deer population ..
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I got a message for all my redneck friends ... Don't worry about the deer population ... If Obama takes our guns ... we'll send all the deer to the North Pole ... to pull Santa's sleigh. ... Thank you very much and have a nice day.

Whenever you hear business executives complaining ... how they cannot find skilled workers, ask them what wages they are offering. ... Almost always they want highly-skilled workers at a manual labor wage. ... No wonder they come up short. ... There is no real shortage of skilled workers in America. Just too many greedy and stupid CEOs.

... I'm calling in to reference to ... a Ms. ... Elise Gray of the Statesboro Herald ... page 6. ... What you are saying is very correct. ... If we only get ... turn our face back t'ward God, such things like this ... will not happen in America. I thank you for printin' that ... and may God bless you and your family. And a lotta people that's callin' in about Obama ... read that. Elise Gray from Twin City ... writer. God is ... the only answer for America. Thank you.

You American citizens amaze me. ... One man kills 20 people ... you wanna get rid of all the guns. ... Our government kills 5 million babies a year for at least the past 20 years and you won't get rid of them. ... You're a real trip!

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