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January 29 - While I see all the ... money being spent ... on Obama's second ... inauguration ... I
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While I see all the ... money being spent ... on Obama's second ... inauguration ... I wonder how a bankrupt country can afford to waste so much money. ... Thank you and have a nice day.

... This is for the Soundoff ... writer who says that FOX News has dropped 30 percent over the past year ... viewership. ... They still ... knockin' everybody out of the water ... with their ratings. They're number one in every time spot. ... Eat your heart out. Bye.

On his cable show, Bill Maher was right about one thing. ... The Second Amendment isn't under attack. Everything else is. If the radical right-wing corporatists who hate our democracy ... succeed in taking those other rights away, then they will come for our guns.

In response to the allegations Sunday that hammers and clubs kill more people than guns, let me point out that the FBI's web site shows that in 2011, firearms were used in 67.8 percent of violent deaths ... while blunt objects including ... hammers and clubs accounted for 3.9 percent of the deaths.

... Out there on 301 this mornin' where they had that bad wreck ... and I was surprised at all the idiots ... that can't read 'Road closed' ... there on the sign and officers have 'em turn around. ... Then almost wrecks 'cause the folk can't read. ... Get a life! Learn to read! Learn to drive! Thank ya!

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