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January 29 - As a taxpayer of Bulloch County, I think that we should go back to electing our sup
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As a taxpayer of ... Bulloch County, I think that we should go back to ... electing our superintendents instead of having the board appoint somebody ... because we're paying the taxes ... and I think we should have a say-so in who is selected as the next superintendent. I don't think the board should make that decision. Thank you.

Has anybody thought about it ... being a conflict of interest whenever a ... parapro is fired that is a ... veteran parapro and a ... wife of a principal is hired as a parapro in our school system? ... Somebody needs to look into this.

I have 25 years of service at Grinnell. ... I've been tryin' to find out ... where to get my Grinnell retirement. ... I've tried several phone numbers and haven't had any luck. Does anybody have a recent phone number or address ... or know how ... to get the retirement? ... Thank you.

To the people who keep harping on the Keystone pipeline: read and learn the real facts! ... If that goes through ... the ... the ... oil will then be shipped to China. It will not help our predicament at all! ... And, besides that, it ... will completely put carbon dioxide into the air, so much the earth ... probably cannot ... get rid of it. ... Wake up!

Good morning. The only people who get shot in Sylvania ... are the ones who break the law. They run down officers. ... They don't stop for ... license checks and most of 'em are habitual violators of the law in some form or fashion. So, to get respect, you have to give it. Obey the laws. And you have a great day. Thank you.

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