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January 27 - Fun facts regarding the debt ceiling. Reagan raised the debt ceiling 17 times. ... Geor
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Fun facts regarding the debt ceiling. Reagan raised the debt ceiling 17 times. ... George Bush raised it eight times, Bush Jr. seven times, Clinton just four times and President Obama only three times. ... Guess under which two presidents government spending has been best kept under control. Do the math.

I applaud Rev. John Bressler for his ... the lovely thoughts he expressed in his Viewpoint article ... on Friday, January 18. ... However, his so-called proof of God sounds more to me like proof of why people like him invented God.

Where ... has America ... gone? It's amazin' here ... in 2013 ... when you walk into a department store ... you have ... women ... that try to look like men ... and women ... men that try to look like women. ... Look ... be happy with the way that God created you. ... If you female ... you're supposed to be feminite ... and act like a lady. ... If you're ... man ... then masculine is still the right way to be. ... Look around when you walk in these stores. ... It's amazing. ... Women are wantin' to act like men and men are wantin' to act like women. ... Be happy with the way God created you.

Point to ponder: if the government has enough money for arming teachers and firearms training for them ... why doesn't it have enough money for school supplies and professional development?

Leave it to the liberals to play the blame game. ... Blaming the massive debt on the Republicans in Congress. ... When any nitwit knows ... that Barack Obama's giveaway programs ... bailouts and handouts ... cost trillions of dollars of debt. Thank you and have a nice day.

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