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January 25 - I think it's a shame that these businesses hire these young men and young ladies
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I think it's a shame ... that these businesses ... hire these young men ... and young ladies to work at their place of business ... and their pants are down beyond their behind. ... Their butt showin'. Their draws showin'. Their mid drift showin'. I think it's a disgrace. Cover up! Nobody wanna see they behind ... or their midsection. ... They take and do that when they off. ... And I thank you and that's all I gotta say about it.

I'd like to know how the county can condone a fire truck sitting in front of a book store ... on Chandler Road with the engine runnin' ... and the lights flashin' ... day after day after day ... with a sign hangin' on the fire truck ... advertisin' the book store. ... I want somethin' done about this ... and I want it done now.

A good parent encourages their children to advance their education ... not stifle them.

I see where our president was at Disney World. What better place for a Mickey Mouse president. ... Biden should've been there. ... He could've played the part of Goofy.

... There's a sex offender livin' over on Morris Street. ... And I can't understand why ... the public was not notified that he was comin' out of prisoner and would be livin there. ... Now ... that is very ... bad ... because ... somebody else could get accused of somethin' that he's doin' ... in the neighborhood ... and go to jail ... behind somethin' that he done ... and because they let him live up in the neighborhood where a lotta kids is.

Why don't you tell us, Mr. Genius ... what separation of church and state means. ... These people would like to know.

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