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January 24 - Gasoline prices may go to $5 a gallon by Memorial Day and Obama has stopped the key
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... Gasoline prices may go to $5 a gallon by Memorial Day ... and Obama has stopped the keystone pipeline ... that would bring much-needed crude oil from Canada to refineries on the Gulf Coast. ... Obama and his department of energy head, Mr. Chew ... support $5 to $8 a gallon gasoline, similar to Europe. ... Obama believes this would ... force people to buy matchbox electric cars. ... Thank you.

To the mother and son who helped me Tuesday morning ... in the parking lot at Kmart. God bless you both.

Looking at the front page of the January 18th issue, it appears that the Ogeechee Riverkeeper, Dianna Wedincamp, is standing in the ... in the river next to the discharge pipe at King America with shorts on. ... If she truly believes that toxic chemicals are being released from this pipe ... why would she be doing that?

The new pipeline ... from Canada ... would bring much-needed oil supplies to our southern states as well as much-needed jobs. ... But today, President Obama has decided to reject this new pipeline ... playin' politics ... with our livelihood again. ... If you vote for this man to be reelected, you get everything ... you deserve. ... And that's not much.

Langston Chapel Middle School ... boys' basketball team: great season ... eight and zero. Y'all played great. Now, let's go to those tournament and championship games ... and bring home that trophy. ... You've come too far. Great job, guys. We parents are so proud of you.

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