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January 23 - Good morning. ... Everyone is talking about ... banning guns in school, putting armed p
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Good morning. ... Everyone is talking about ... banning guns in school, putting armed police patrols in school. ... Let's look at what's really causing the problem. ... What's out of schools ... that used to be in school? ... God! ... The Ten Commandments ... learning right from wrong ... respect for authority ... working for what you want, not getting it for free. Let's go back to having God and prayer in school. Let the atheists have their own schools and let's stop this craziness. ... No more shooting. Let's get God!

When Bush was president, then Senator Obama voted against raising the debt ceiling ... and said the need to do so is a sign of failed leadership. ... Now, as president, Obama is using the same old scare tactics ... that veterans and Social Security won't be paid if his debt ceiling isn't raised. ... He also continues to blame congress, the Republicans, his predecessor and everyone else for our financial problems ... and never takes any responsibility himself, so his spending is the problem. ... When will this man ever begin to lead our nation ... and whatever happened to the buck stops here?

... I'd like to know why at William James Middle School, some of the priviledged parents can cut across the ... playground ... and bypass the driveway and come out on 80 in front of the ... little store up there ... and they got signs say to keep off of grass. I just wondered ... how they get away with it ... and the rest ... everybody else has to wait in line. Thank you. Bye.

I just wanted to say that now that we have Harry Reid and Obama runnin' the country, why don't we just get rid of congress and not pay 'em anything else and give that to Obama to spend?

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