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January 21 - I've been reading about the professor and the and the cat and I believe it'd be imp
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I've been reading about the professor and the ... and the ... cat and I believe it'd be impossible for a dog on a leash to catch a stray cat. ... Thank you. Bye.

This is in reference to the red S-10 truck and the couple goin' around ... sayin' they needed money for their daughter. ... They do that all the time. They used to come to ... every hotel in Statesboro and do that. The question is let's hope and pray to God they don't have a daughter ... who is in an accident because of this stupid stuff they do. Karma's hell. Get out and get a job and you'll have gas money! ... And leave your daughter and other family members out of it.

I want this one to go straight to the police department. ... You know what? I find ... that the police department ... need to ... check themselves ... about the statements that they will make in front of citizens of Bulloch County. ... Now ... even though people can get your personal information ... that does not give them the right ... to use it as they please. That's my personal information and if you get your hands on it, you don't have no right to use it ... for any reason at all.

... Kudos to Roger Allen, who wrote an absolutely excellent article about the history of railroads in the Sunday paper. ... I learned more about all the different mergers in the railroad industry around the country ... in one article than I had learned in all my years at school. Thank you, Roger Allen. Great ... article.

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