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January 19 - "I don't care how many titles you tacked on to the professor. He is old enough to be a
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I don't care how many titles you tacked on to the professor. He is old enough to be a responsible animal owner. The leash showed a little responsibility. But with a leash, he should have dragged the cat ... the dog away from the cat. Letting him and encouraging him to kill it, in my opinion, is animal cruelty, period.

If President Obama and the 535 voting legislators ... in Washington ... would give the United States people ... the same support - financially, food, water, clothes, bedding, doctors, medical supplies - that they give to all those foreign countries, can you imagine how much better off we would be?

All the hype about hiring locals for the positions at the new correction center in Jenkins County has turned out to be another lie. ... There have been hundreds of qualified locals to apply for jobs there ... yet, less than 20 percent have been hired. I have 25 years experience in human resources, yet I was told I wasn't qualified for an assistant position. ... I was told I could be a corrections officer because people quit every day at those positions because of the low pay and danger. ... They have really fooled the people.

Just wondering ... who is running the Bulloch County prison ... when all the ... office and part of the floor personnel is ... is spending two hours a day eating at El ... El Sombrero and other restaurants around town. ... Need some feedback.

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