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January 18 - I just wanted to give everybody heads-up if you don't have any drivers license, sta
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... I just wanted to give everybody heads-up ... if you don't have any drivers license, stay out of Screven County ... because that's a shootin' offense. ... They will shoot you ... if you drive in Screven County with suspended license. ... Just ... just steer clear of 'em, y'all. Have a great day.

... I just wanna say that it's a awful, awful shame ... to have the ... Little League boys have to pay to use the Luella ... park ... ball fields ... where they had two different groups of people cookin' on either side ... of the road there on the fields and they didn't charge them nothin' and the people were ... were chargin' for the food. ... And it's just a cryin' shame whenever our tax money is ... is bein' used to keep these fields up, but then they still wanna charge the boys to ... practice there and ... these other people cook there and ... sell and make money off of it, but they won't pay to be there. ... Just a shame. Thank you.

Way to go, Eagles! ... Alabama, the number one team, only allowed nine touchdowns all year. And Georgia ... Southern scored three of them. Also, GSU scored more points and gained more yardage in one game against Alabama than LSU did in two games. Go, Eagles! ... And ... Go, Eagles should be in all caps. Thank you.

Wake up, Bulloch County. What's goin' on? ... We don't have ... not even a half dozen ... black businesses in Bulloch County. ... All these ... businesses here is owned by foreigners or white people. ... Black people every time they try to bring sumthin' into Bulloch County ... they ... vote it right back outta here or ... harass it right back outta here. ... And what make it so bad, the black peoples is bad about helpin' run 'em outta here as is the white people is. ... Wake up, Bulloch County. You sleepin'.

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