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January 17 - "Why would these other country wantin' to be takin' our guns away from us by challen
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Why would these other country wantin' to be takin' our guns away from us ... by challenger ... challenging our Constitution? ... You know, I believe it's so they can invade our country and the civilians couldn't defend themselves ... lettin' the guv'ment doin' it. I mean ... think about it. You know you could ... loss civilian lives people that couldn't defend themselves. ... You know, I just think ... every household should have a gun for its own protection ... and we ... so ... for its own defense, too. Thank you.

To the professor ... who asked the three wise ... women caller ... if she were 10 years old. ... Tell us folks who aren't so smart as you ... what did that mean? ... P.S.: I like the original call myself. Thank you.

Prescription for all U.S. citizens: Kool-Aid®. Take a large gulp twice daily until November. ... Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. Salendra. Fast and Furious. Keystone pipeline. Boeing ... and the GM bailout of a failed Chevy Volt are all Republican conspiracies.

Now that 3-year-olds can vote at our State Capitol, I am sure we will see much improved laws coming out of Atlanta.

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