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January 17 - I wonder how many surprises Mr. Obama has in store for us ... over the next four years
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I wonder how many surprises Mr. Obama has in store for us ... over the next four years. ... Could one of them be that he plays around ... with the Constitution and finagles a run for a third term as president? No way! ... Right?

I wish the ... editor would please put the Jumble ... back in the paper. ... Not everyone ... is a fan of Sudoku. There may be many, but there are still people that like the Jumble. Thank you.

To the person who put the article in Sunday's paper 'bout one of Rocky Ford's police officers. Should be ashamed of themselves. Why didn't you just stop and see ... if it was police business since you was bein' nosy? ... people know who you are. ... Thanks. Have a great day ... you nosey person.

If the federal guv'ment was a business or a corporation ... it would went belly-up years ago ... or outta business. ... Dead. ... But it has the ability to ... to steal from people every year through taxation. ... Death to the federal guv'ment.

It's pretty arrogant for 1,351 days for the U.S. Senate not to do what ... by law, they are constitutionally obligated to do ... pass a budget. ... They haven't done it. Why haven't they done it? Because they don't want you to see what it is they're spendin' the money on. ... They don't want the scrutiny. ... Ridiculous.

So guns are blamed for the violence ... the killing in the schools and in other places. ... How 'bout alcohol ... drugs, violent movies, video games, poor parenting? ... Could this just be ... the old blame-it-on-something-else liberal Democratic game? Thank you.

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