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January 16 - ... I think it ought to be illegal ... for people ... that go to Goodwill ... grab st
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... I think it ought to be illegal ... for people ... that go to Goodwill ... grab stuff in front of people that are in need. ... And they're greedy, have plenty of money ... and re-sale the item ... when the person standin' there waitin' on it ... needs it. ... And these people are so greedy. They grabbed it ... and the poor person is standin' there ... and the people re-sellin' it, grabs it out of their hands. ... Somethin' ought to be done about these people. They so greedy and got plenty of money. ... And Goodwill was put there ... for the helpless and the homeless and the needy. Instead these greedy people dominate it. ... Somethin' ought to be done about 'em.

I hope the Statesboro Herald will ... will please ... print this. ... This is for the idiot that just dropped the cat off in our front yard on Highway 80 West. I just want you to know that I have your tag number ... and you have seven days to come claim your cat, or I'm gonna turn it into the Bulloch County Sheriff's Department.

Delete - Merge UpSo, the NRA wants all teachers to be armed. ... Funny, I do not remember the NRA saying ... that black teenagers should all be armed after Trayvon Martin was shot to death.

The next time I feel depressed ... I'm going to get the articles written in the Sylvania ... Statesboro Herald ... concernin' ... Fan Go Boo Boo ... Patsy Deal Bragg ... and Argus Hamilton. I'm gonna get those out and read them again and make myself feel a lot better. Thank you.

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