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January 15 - As a parent of Southeast Bulloch High School student I would like to say that it's ju
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As a parent of Southeast Bulloch High School student ... I would like to say that it's just ridiculous everything inabout Statesboro High and Portal ... High School. Nuthin' about Southeast Bulloch except when they lose games. ... But when they win games, nuthin' goes recognized. What about academics? They the number one school of excellence, right? So, report that. Thank you.

... This is for ... all the farmers out there who are about to write their rent checks. ... You might want to ... pad them a little bit this year or maybe even double them. That would even be better. ... Since the government has been paying for this ... rent most of the time anyway. ... Seems like that you could do a little bit more for the landowners. ... It would be appreciated if you would take this in consideration when you're writing your checks. ... If you don't ... want to have them sent back to you.

Someone needs to call the DOT and tell them that progression. Time has changed. We have OTC and a new junior college down the street. Do away with the four-way sign and put in a red light. ... You know where I'm talkin' about. Teachers, kids, school buses, all that's goin' down the road, not to mention other patrons that has to go ... to get to other stores and all to purchase. ... Come on! ... There always needed to be a red light there since Langston Chapel and OTC. ... Please go ahead and put a light there. ... Thank you.

... Be careful with the new election this year ... for the president because ... the ones that wanna take our guns away from us ... I believe the crime rate would be a lot less ... if everybody had a gun at home to defend their home with. ... Just think about it. Thank you. Bye-bye.

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