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January 14 - What business is it is it of yours how often restaurant workers smoke? It's none of y
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 What business is it ... is it of yours how often restaurant workers smoke? It's none of your business! Who cares? Let 'em smoke. ... As far as gas prices ... they're too high and we got a president that doesn't care one bit about the American people or the price of gas. ... As far as ... church ... want ... churches meeting into elementary schools, who cares? I pay taxes in Bulloch Couty for 20 years. I don't care who meets in there. ... Personally, I'd rather see the school children not meet in there and let all the churches meet there. ... Get a life! Bye!

What a joke campus security is for arresting a man whose leashed dog attacked a stray cat ... while people are robbed at gunpoint ... and had their apartments robbed on campus every day. ... And what a hypocite the arresting officer is because he says he hunts with dogs. ... According to that definition of aggravated animal cruelty, the security officer himself should be arrested for hunting. ... If he wanted to enforce the law, he should have impounded the stray cat where it would have been put to death in a few days anyhow.

I find it so hard to endure goin' to Walmart and these people with suits on and ... fine cars sittin' up there ... or standin' out there hollerin', 'Give to the Lord!, Give to the Lord! He'll bless you.' And here I'm goin' in there ... givin' grandchildren my last dollar... for food.

There is no such word as ... physicality. ... Perhaps your sports writer should have used athleticism instead?

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