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January 12 - The thing about the professor's dog killing a cat is completely overblown. We commonl
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The thing about the professor's dog killing a cat is completely overblown. ... We commonly sic our dog on cats when they come into the yard ... and the cats just run away. ... I'm sure the professor didn't mean to kill the cat. ... As far as the GSU president's reaction to the event, I think he could find more important things to worry about. ... This is micro-management at the extreme.

In our present administration in Washington, I've heard the word Muslim ... mentioned. And also, our own president has commented that our nation is no longer a Christian ... one. I am not an authority on the Muslim law, but enough to know ... livin' under it would certainly be something that I do not want to do. I also understand that there are few cases in the U.S. bein' tried under Israel law. Americans, please listen to the people runnin' for president and let's try to better our country for everyone. Please ask God ... to bless our country. Thank you.

I'm just calling in to ... try to figure out ... how the death of a cat - although tragic - can garner more publicity ... than all of the armed robberies that go on ... around Georgia Southern campus. I wish that police officer could be as dilligent ... about finding and pursuin' this ... the cat tragedy. I guess he ... I wish he could be that dilligent in pursuing some of all these crimes and break-ins and ... and murders that occur around campus of human beings. ... Hope that's not too much to ask for.

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