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January 10 - The GOP complains that the top 5 percent of taxpayers pay 60 percent of the income ta
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The GOP complains that the top 5 percent of taxpayers pay 60 percent of the income tax. ... But shouldn't it be even more considering that the top five percent make 90 percent of all the money?

Delete - Merge Up... I would like to know why the Bulloch County Board of Education is allowing ... churches to use our public schools on Sundays. ... Are these churches that use our public schools ... are they ... being responsible for helping pay the ... electricity bill for using our schools or is it ... the taxpayers that are footing the bill?

I hope all police departments today will benefit greatly from ... catchin' people that are DUI because ... if you gon' drink, stay home or have somebody drive for you.

Barack Obama doesn't care ... that his tax hike on the rich would only run the country for about a week. ... His motivation is his hatred for successful people. And his desire ... is to appease his voting block. Plain and simple. Thank you. Have a nice day.

Please tell me if it's lawful to keep your handicap card ... on your rearview mirror on your windshield. I like mine there, but people keep tellin' me ... it's against the law, so I really need to know. ... Thank you.

How 'bout them Georgia Bulldogs!? ... Go, Georgia! I knew they could do it. Thank you, Soundoff.

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