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February 6 - I pray our night clubs in Statesboro are better prepared for fires than ... clubs in Br
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I pray our night clubs in Statesboro are better prepared for fires than ... clubs in Brazil ... or the club in Rhode Island. ... Hopefully our city council and our ... fire officials and our night club owners ... are doin' a better job to protect these students. ... Statesboro doesn't need to be the next Brazil or Rhode Island.

So, Sarah Palin has finally quit her gig at the Fox propaganda channel. ... No great loss as she fades into obscurity. ...Amazingly, she lasted longer there than she did as governor of Alaska. ... At least now she can catch up with her reading and shoot more caribou from a helicopter.

Wake up, people. ... Look around. Pay attention. ... police don't teach youngens ... discipline.

What is a right-wing corporatist? ... Do you people see monsters under your beds, too?

Statistics. ... Don't you love them? ... People pull 'em out of ... who knows where ... and the newspaper is stupid enough to print them in Soundoff.

I live in Rocky Ford ... Georgia ... and our paper man that comes through here ... he don't leave enough papers in the boxes. I was up at the store while ago to get a paper ... and they was six other people that come in that wanted a paper ... and the lady said ... they ... didn't leave but 'bout three or four at the time. ... He must not wanna make no money for ya. ... Catch ya later. Bye!

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