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February 3 - Well, isn't it amazing how congress can jump on ... gun control and all that real quic
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Well, isn't it amazing how congress can jump on ... gun control and all that real quick, but when it comes to the real problem, the economy ... the debt ceilin', all that, it ... they can't agree on any thang. ... Thank ya.

I wish the City of Statesboro would enforce the code about garbage cans bein' left by the curb day in and day out. ... Residents are s'posed to be charged $10 a day for ... every day they leave 'em out beyond pickup day. Thank you very much. Bye.

President Obama signed 23 executive orders ... regarding guns, gun safety and gun violence. In none of them is assault rifle or clips mentioned. Does any of them call for the seizure of your guns? Absolutely not. So, gun nuts ... chill out and stop whining!

In Saturday, January 28th Soundoff, the one wrote that ... 25,000 times last year or whenever ... legal; gun owners prevented crime. Do you know these people? ... Do you have a count of them? How do you know this? Or is this some more of NRA's 'statistics'? Thank you. Have a nice day.

Well, a federal appeals court finds that the president ... circumvented ... the Constitution of the United States. ... That's about like saying ... the sky is blue. ... Duh!

If you are a smoker, Obama care penalties are going to cost you. ... A 55-year-old smoker could be penalized ... $4,250 a year ... and a 60-year-old ... $5,100 in additional health premiums. ... The poor tend to smoke more and these are the people who voted for Obama. ... Remember Democrat congresswoman Nancy Pelosi said, 'We must pass Obamacare so we can find what is in it.' Now we are finally finding out some of the surprises in Obamacare. ... Thank you.

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