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February 22 - I am callin' in response to the juvenile who kicked the cat on the Police Blotter
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I am callin' in response to the ... juvenile who kicked the cat ... on the Police Blotter ... I have just read and ... lotta details seem to be have left out. ... The juvenile not only kicked the cat. ... They stomped the cat and all this was done ... because of the cat's friendly nature.

I would like for this one to go straight to the police department. ... There's a ... young man ... a black guy ... that's runnin' round in a black Jeep ... that's harrassin' ... people with loud music and pullin' right up on the bumper. ... I went to the ... market ... out on East Main ... the open-air market. ... He got behind me right after I left that open-air market ... pull up behind me. Anytime he pulls up close to me, he turns his music up wide open. He followed me all the way down to Klean Korner's ... laundromat.

Teacher at Statesboro High School volunteer for athletic duty and get paid for that. Why do teachers ... at Southeast Bulloch High School get assigned athletic duty - forced to do it - and not paid a penny? ... Who at Southeast Bulloch High School is pocketing the money ... that should be paid to teachers? ... Please answer that ... board of education. Thank you.

Dear Sir doing the logging at Williams Landing. ... Thank you for the legacy you are leaving the deal-stump community ... for the next 100 years. Hope your greed pays off.

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