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February 17 - For the person who called Budget Inn about findin' the lost little black and white dog
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For the person who called Budget Inn about findin' the lost little black and white dog, please call … 536-4370 … and let us know where you found her at and where she's at? Thank you.

This is to the person on Lester Road complaining about kids playing basketball and all the noise. I guess you are someone special and the world is supposed to bow to your command. Well, wake up, because it's not going to happen. Maybe you should get a real job … or go back to school … because you evidently aren't too bright anyway.

Now with the head football coaching job open at Portal High School, it'll be interesting to see if the Bulloch County Board of Education's willing to spend the money to hire a coaching staff at Portal like they did at Southeast Bulloch. Or will they just hire one coach and have him rely on college students and volunteer dads who are only there to make sure that their son gets to play? … Or will the board of education step up and treat it as … like it is high school football and not rec ball

Why in the world … does President Obama have four billion dollars in his new budget to give ACORN? Congress voted not to give them any more money because of their … floozy, cheating, sleazy ways. And now our president is givin' 'em more money? … I am so disappointed in who he surrounds himself with.

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