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December 9 - To the caller who thinks Mr. Obama is the greatest. ... You are so confused. ... Just
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To the caller who thinks Mr. Obama is the greatest. ... You are so confused. ... Just like all liberals. ... The lies and distortions ... actually come from you folks. ... Throw in character assassination and cover ups for lies. ... Like I've always said ... if you want to ... know what the libs are doing ... listen to what they're saying ... the Republicans are doing. Thank you and have a nice day.

The two biggest Republican lies of the 21st century. ... They are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq ... and we have to cut Social Security and Medicare to reduce the deficit.

Delete - Merge UpWell, folks, it's ... fine all over. All I can say is the Dawgs got tired of pushin' 'dem big 'ol ... Alabama players. ... But they did the best they could and I'm proud of 'em. ... Go, Dawgs! Love y'all. Bye!

Eighty-eight hundred ... people ... at Georgia Southern's football game on Saturday. ... And the personnel at Georgia Southern thinks ... that that type of attendance can support ... moving up FBS? ... I don't think so.

People need to get over it. ... Alabama won. Fair and square. Sorry, Dawgs. ... Maybe next year.

... We sure do miss that Statesboro Herald on Monday mornin' when we go out to pay our bills and put 'em in the mailbox. ... Thank you very much. Have a good day. Bye-bye!

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