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December 9 - I'm trying to find out 'cause just like eating is supposed to be a daily practice
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... I'm trying to find out ... 'cause just like eating is supposed to be a daily ... practice, somethin' that we do ... daily for survival ... worshiping, fellowshiping ... is supposed to be a daily activity as well. Is there a church that has either ... Bible study or worship service on Mondays, Tuesdays ... you know, all through in the week except, you know, not just on Sunday? ... Please call in if you're a church that has ... Bible study or fellowship ... service on ... one of the weekdays, especially Monday. Thank you.

Yeah, I think it's kinda funny how ... us locals get in a fight up there at the plaza in the parkin' lot ... the law's always tryin' to lock us up, but ... I seen a all-out brawl Saturday night and not the first ... Statesboro police officer, Georgia Southern University police or anybody did not one thing about it. ... I really, really, really think that this should be resolved.

Just wondering when the city will ... return to ... repairin' the sidewalks on Savannah Avenue. Thank you.

If the corporate Tea Party ... is not the party of free speech and defender of the Constitution it claims to be, then what are your arguin' about? It must be the same as the liberal party, which is also the socialist party, which is also against free speech ... and defending of the Constitution. So, you would one and the same, wouldn't you? So what are you cryin' about? Bye!

This is to the person complaining about the black shiny Mustang. After buying the car, we can't afford helmets, knee pads or ... bikes with training wheels. Just get out of his way!

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