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December 8 - "... For all those out there tryin' to destroy our religious heritage ... by using ...
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... For all those out there tryin' to destroy our religious heritage ... by using ... the ... separation of church and state ... you need to realize ... the First Amendment was not written to protect people and their laws from religious values. ... It was written to protect those religious vales from government tyranny.

I'm really upset that my grandchildren come home from school ... Statesboro High School. Everyday they're hungry ... because they've had ... to deal with burnt pizza, leftover food, whatever's available. And they are not on free lunch, so don't ... don't insinuate that. ... I have called and contacted people - all that I can - and nobody seems to really care. These kids should not go all day long and be hungry. It's just not right. And I pay taxes, too.

I just wanna thank the two women that paid for my meal ... at the IHop tonight ... Thursday night. ... Of course, they may not read the Soundoff. But I can't even remember what they look like right now. ... They may have known somethin' because ... tonight makes two years ... since I worked last. ... That'd be correct. ... I'm even ... scheduled to have surgery next week. ... Okay. Christmas is comin' ... early for me. I feel blessed now. Amen.

I find it interesting that Darra Isa, who's leading the charge to investigate the Obama administration ... for failing to protect our fallen ambassador to Libya ... voted against requests by the White House ... for more money to ensure the safety of our ambassadors. ... Hypocrisy. Thy name is Republican.

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