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December 5 - It is interesting to know ... that Abra kin ... Abraham Lincoln ... was a Republican pr
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It is interesting to know ... that Abra kin ... Abraham Lincoln ... was a Republican president ... who abolished slavery. ... During this day ... Democrats give the Republicans ... no credit ... for anything. ... What is al ... it is also interesting ... to note that during the time of Abraham Lincoln ... Democrats were not in favor ... of abolishing slavery. Thank you.

... Why will we not be seeing an already famous film on Abe Lincoln ... at our local cineplex? Inquiring minds want to know.

I told y'all that the Bulldogs was gonna beat Tech and they'll beat Alabama, toooo! Wait and see! ... Bye-bye! Thank you.

Thank you, Farmers & Merchants Bank, for the wonderful luncheon you give us every year and for the wonderful service that you give us. ... I have been with y'all 30 years and I've enjoyed it all. So, thanks.

To the takers out there who hate the makers. ... Without the makers to make ... there wouldn't be stuff for the takers to take. ... No venomus racisim here. ... Just facts. I'm not a fundamentalist ... or TEA partier or a racist or a right-winger. ... Just a citizen who helps pay the bills. Thank you and have a nice day. God bless!

The first city council candidate ... who promises to support the prompt hiring ... of a professional city manager waltzes in. ... Think risk management and fiscal resourcing skills as well.

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