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December 30 - "When are you ... naive Americans ever gonna learn ... it's not the guns that kill peo
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When are you ... naive Americans ever gonna learn ... it's not the guns that kill people? ... It's the brain-washed robots the government is producing to bring about ... horrendous acts to get you people to wanna give up your guns, give up your government, give up your freedom, give up your rights ... give up your lives.

... Just finished reading the article, 'Looking back on the little things,' about Georgia Southern football ... and we agree. Fundamentals are important. ... Kicking game is important. Turnovers are important. ... But isn't that something the coaches should be concentrating on ... to get the kids ready? As far as the kicking game ... Georgia Southern hasn't had a kicking game all year. Why did they wait for hours before a playoff game to try to find a new kicker? ... Isn't that something that should've been done months ago? ... Come on! ... Let's ... put the blame where it is. Let's step up, coaches, and say, 'I'm sorry. I didn't do a good job.'

Riding around Statesboro ... I see a lot of neighborhood watch signs. ... What we could use a lot more of ... are neighborhood ... watch and pray for each other programs.

Are you serious? Gun control? Now you're worried about it? ... And arm the teachers? Why don't we just arm the children, too? And you wonder why this country's in the shape it is? ... Take a look.

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