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December 3 - I'm sorry if I messed it, but I called in about the whoever poisoned the cats at
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I'm sorry if I messed it, but I called in about the ... whoever poisoned the ... cats ... at Collins Lake ... on Bowen Road. ... I don't know why it hadn't been printed, but, I just wanna let the person know that did that ... that there's a special place for them and ... if I find out who done it, I will call the law on 'em. Thank you.

... This is about handicap parking. What is the point of havin' 'em when everybody can park in 'em? ... You got signs up sayin' $500 fines. ... What's the difference if it's not enforced? ... Go to Wal-Mart, Kmart, grocery stores and every handicap parkin' is with people with no handicaps. So, what's the point of havin' 'em?

There are nine major construction projects goin' on in Bulloch County. ... Only two are local contractors using local workers and local materials. What a shame for our area.

Holli, you wrote a good article about local politics. Too bad your bosses don't think it's important. Not even the courtesy of an interview for those runnin' in the Portal and Brooklet elections.

On Veterans' Day, I purchased gas in Macon for $3.29. It was $3.38 here. ... I guess because we have all these college kids they get to keep the price way high, right?

This is really funny. I was watching channel 50, TV sports channel. They said that Auburn and LSU football teams are going to try and use ... the triple option against Alabama ... because GSU scored the most yards and points against Alabama this year. But, I think it will ... not work for them. They don't have the great coaches that we have for the triple option. Go, Eagles! You're number one. You're the best! Lots of luck.

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