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December 29 - No, the jobless rate did not go down. People just died waitin' for a job or benefits.
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No, the jobless rate did not go down. People just died waitin' for a job or benefits. And, oh, yeah, those Christmas boosts sells all way up high. Uh-huh! Who gon' pay off those credit cards at the end of the year ... or the beginnin' of the year ... or forever? ... Those were not cash sales. They were credit card sales. Good luck!

... This is to the guy that rides ... drives a red Chevrolet truck ... with a Screven tag ... with a Superman on the back window. Wanted to let you know I have two small kids ... and I don't like it when you come in my neighborhood - Robin Hood Trail - with your music loud and the smell of mar ... marijuana comin' out your windows. You need to stay in Screven and don't come back. ... Thanks.

I don't know if our local cotton gins are aware of this, but the cotton that blows out the back of their trucks is considered, by law, littering. ... So, if you get behind one of these vehicles and you get to witness it actually dropping pieces of cotton behind it, call the police. ... The cotton gin has to be fined by Georgia state law. And if our local authorities won't do anything about it, we can go above their heads. Look it up. I did.

This is for the people that have called in about the loudness of commercials. ... I just heard a report on TV the other day ... about this ... particular subject. They are going to pass this law, but it won't take place for another year. So, you just have to be patient in the meantime.

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