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December 29 - "Anyone within driving time of our town's movie ... owes it to themselves to see the m
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Anyone within driving time of our town's movie ... owes it to themselves to see the magisterial film on Lincoln. ... All students ... should be bussed there from school and admitted free. At long last, it is truly ... 'history as written by lightning'.

First, let me say that my sympathies indeed go out to all of those who suffered through the tragedy in Connecticut. ... But, now while we're talking about all of the reasonable restraints ... that are going to be placed on the Second Amendment ... let us also talk about some reasonable restraints that need to be placed on the First Amendment. That is the freedom of the press. ... Instead of the wall to wall coverage with constant publications of these nuts that commit these acts, let's limit how much the press can publicize their activities.

Why do conservatives seem to believe ... that outlawing guns won't prevent ... gun violence ... but outlawing abortion will prevent abortion?

The God of Israel is removin' His hand of protection from evil ... on this nation ... and turnin' us over to our sin. ... America has now legally killed over 50,000,000 babies in the womb ... and is in the process of promoting the entire homosexual agenda. ... The more this agenda advances, the more God withdraws from our nation ... and the more Satan controls.

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