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December 27 - I would like to ... commend Mr. Coes and Mr. Tucker on their letters to the editor. .
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I would like to ... commend Mr. Coes and Mr. Tucker on their letters to the editor. ... It was heartening and refreshing to read their thoughtful and rational comments. ... Both of these Christian men are living the true gospel of Jesus ... to love one another.

About this tragedy involving children ... do not question ... or doubt or lose faith. God is in control. ... Pray your faith may be strengthened. ... Remember David's words, 'He will not return to me, but I will go to Him.' At the end of things, all evil, sufferings, injustices, will end. ... Death and Satan will be no more. Know the Father and the One whom He sent. We win at the end.

Important fact to remember January 1. ... According to the nonpartisan joint committee on Taxation ... only three percent of all businesses paying taxes ... would be affected by Obama's plan to raise marginal taxes on those earning more than $250,000.

... We pay enough taxes ... on schools ... to have armed guards guarding our children every day that they're in school. Why ... doesn't our government put the armed guard at each school?

Hey, NRA ... you know those cold, dead hands you keep saying nobody will pry your gun from? ... It's usually the odd of innocent people whose hands go cold and dead first.

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