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December 25 - Why don't they have this ... trouble overseas? ... Maybe it would be worth loo
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Why don't they have this ... trouble overseas? ... Maybe it would be worth looking into. There's not enough love ... and too much hate. ... It ... it must begin at the home.

... Let's take a break from our political ... positions ... and possible fiscal cliff ... and put joy back in Christmas ... by taking time to help our neighbor, regardless of his or her skin color or religion. ... This is the true way ... to celebrate our Savior's birth. ... Merry Christmas!

When is Georgia Southern gonna realize ... how important it is ... to have a good field goal kicker? ... And also how important ... it is to be able to throw the ball? ... The last two minutes of that game was pathetic.

I wonder why that none of the machines ... in the city -- paper machines, I'm speaking of - work correctly. You've got to put change in ... several times ... and then finally it works. So, whoever works on these machines ... go out and fix the machines if you wanna sell newspapers. ... You need to get 'em in working ... condition where people can buy ... a newspaper out of your machines! They don't work half of the time! Check it out for yourself.

I am proud of our football team. ... We would beat North Dakota on any neutral field in the nation. ... Screaming at dangerous levels ... is not really cheering ... your team. ... In addition, the officiating was obviously biased ... and unfair. Go, Eagles!

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