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December 23 - To the person who wrote in the paper on Thursday ... about his sea-going career from
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To the person who wrote in the paper on Thursday ... about his sea-going career from 1941 to 1967 ... I just wanted to thank him for what he did for us.

War on Christmas update ... 2011. Republicans furious that the White House holiday card features no Christmas tree. ... 2012 ... Republicans furious ... that White House has too many Christmas trees. ... Republicans continue ad nauseum to make fools of themselves.

 see where Harry "De-Yo De-Yo" Bellafonte ... says Obama should lock up people who oppose him. ... If memory serves me right ... he was one of the people who thought OJ ... should have gotten by ... with killin' two people. ... Nice guy, huh?

Well, you know, Statesboro is a beautiful city. ... One of the prettiest cities ... no doubt, in the southeast. ... Great family city ... and for most family ... togetherness. ... And I'm still glad to see ... the school system bein' upheld and all the leadership of our city ... seems to be working together in harmony. ... And I'm ... thankful to be a part of such a great ... nice community ... in which we raise our family. Thank you, Statesbo ... and all that ... the people that ... through the years have made this wonderful city what it is.

In response to the horrendous murders in Connecticutt this morning ... of school children, this nation better get its act together ... and turn back to God! Start going to church on Sunday; start praying; start reading the Bible; start treating the people the way they should be treated; not by killing, not by robbing, not by beating. ... God's the answer, America, and you'd better get your act together.

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