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December 23 - I sure hope that most of the people that I work with have seen the front page of T
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I sure hope ... that most of the people that I work with ... have seen the front page of Thursday's, December 15th, paper. ... To know that there are 3500 people ... who would appreciate having the jobs ... that they don't seem to 'preciate having.

The Rocky Ford community is not alone in their fight to keep their post office from closing. ... Read the December 19th issue of Time magazine beginning on page 42, 45, entitled, 'Gloom of Night.'

This comment is in response to the person needing a little information on how to get rid of an unwanted guest staying in your home. ... Well, if she's been there at least three months, unfortunately, by Georgia state law, she has now permanent residency there. We have a law in Georgia for some reason that if you let anyone up to and including a family member, stay in your house more than seven days, they are then legal residents. You have to go to a magistrate court ... and you're gonna hafta go take proceedings from there. Good luck with it, but from this day forward, I wouldn't let anyone stay in my house without a written contract. ... Good luck gettin' rid of 'em.

I enjoyed ... the Children's Letters to Santa. ... One letter stood out. A little boy didn't ask Santa for anything for himself. He just asked Santa to let everybody have a good Christmas Eve and a good Christmas Day. He showed the true meaning of Christmas. His name was Dalton Stevens. Very sweet.

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